8 Ways to Keep Back-to-school Green All Year


8 Ways to Keep Back-to-school Green All Year

by Elyse Umlauf
Adapted from a previous edition of The REsource newsletter


Many of your clients already have made strides in greening their kids’ back-to-school experience.

But it’s an ongoing process and they may need help to maintain that green mindset as the school year progresses.

Here are 9 ideas.

  1. Walk or bike to school. Walking to school fights obesity, reduces traffic, and cuts air pollution.
  2. Combat nature-deficit disorder. Incorporate a dose of nature in kids’ lives every day. 
  3. Rent textbooks or use e-versions. 
  4. Thrifty clothes. Shop online consignment shops Schoola and at local thrift shops (search for them by zip code) for clothes and shoes.
  5. Beyond Lunchables. Pack a healthy lunch that kids will eat. 
  6. Ditch disposables. Rely on reusable food containers, cutlery, and cloth napkins, and use a lunchbox rather than brown bags.
  7. Replacement parts. Make eco-friendly choices when replenishing schools supplies during the year. Find suppliers here: 
  8. Green your school. Be the person to promote things like non-toxic cleaning products and pest control, daylighting and indoor air quality strategies, and energy efficiency upgrades to make your school healthier and more sustainable. See: